About Exploring Scrum

dan and doug certifed scrum trainers on ipadDr. Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp are writing and working in the area of applied scrum/agile development. The techniques described here are not necessarily unique or only applicable to Scrum but, generally apply across many industry verticals and to just about every collaborative effort. The techniques described are applicable to most any complex human endeavor. Our topics range from the foundations for getting started to large (massive) scrum development, distributed patterns of work and more. This site will form the backbone of the public writing and work we are doing to bring a deep understanding of how maximize the outcome for successful product development.

The Only Book You Need

Aside from The Scrum Study Guide, this is the only Scrum reference I need or use. Dan and Doug provide not just the information on how Scrum works but insights on practical applications and choices to be made in the real world. Their first person style makes it feel like you’re in a live training class. In particular, their treatment of technical debt, a difficult concept for some, cuts right to the heart of the mater and makes it easy to explain to clients.

Russell Earnest
Earnest Creativity LLC

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